Benefits of Sourcing Through EXIM

  • Complete transparency of operations and full disclosure.

  • Working with Exim is the nearest equivalent of having your own office in India.

  • Extensive knowledge of the regulatory requirements in European and USA markets.

  • Assurance of quality products at competitive prices.

  • Assistance in performing audit of manufacturing premises for suitability of contract manufacture.

  • In depth knowledge of the life sciences, pharmaceutical, nutraceuticals and related markets.

  • Excellent logistics and global delivery capability.

  • USA office for liaison and facilitation.

  • Professionally managed operations.

  • Responsive organization with excellent communication skills.

  • The advantage of being an Indis associate.

  • Proven expertise in global sourcing and supply.

Services We Provide

Many of our customers begin a dialogue with us when they plan to procure a particular chemical from a globally competitive supplier. From then on, Exim services come to play. We manage each aspect of the transaction depending on your particular requirement and ensure that you get the quality product within the deadline and at competitive prices.

  • Understanding your specific requirement.

  • Identifying suppliers.

  • Procuring product information and price offers.

  • Short-listing of preferred manufacturers/suppliers.

  • Passing on information to customers on regular basis with regards, to quality, price and delivery issues.

  • Assistance in performing audits as required.

  • Ensure compliance to quality parameters.

  • Ensure compliance to international requirements in packaging, labeling, and documentation.

  • Compliance with all legal issues.

  • Arranging shipment and delivery at client end as required.