Serving Markets in USA & Canada

Exim-Indis Inc. is a group company based in the United States of America. The company was incorporated in August 2004 and caters to the USA and Canadian markets. Exim-Indis is a joint venture between Exim Corporation, India and Indis NV, Belgium. -- a well-established international distribution company specializing in the supply of raw materials and excipients to the pharmaceutical industry.

Exim Indis will focus on developing the life sciences business, apart from handling certain specialty chemicals for other Industries. Its philosophy is to work closely with customers and help manage their sourcing of products and services from India, China and Europe. The company also offers specialty chemicals manufactured in the USA to world markets.


Indis - The global alliance of leading international distributors Indis Group is a group of about 25 international chemical trading companies who share common principles and objectives and work together to foster trade between each other.

Generally, there is only one INDIS member in each country, except where two businesses are mutually exclusive. All members are of good financial standing and are responsible business operators.

As well as sourcing directly from one another, INDIS Group combine marketing resources to enhance business opportunity, establish new enterprises, and share vital information to the group''s benefit. Participation in INDIS is a mark of the integral strength of each member''s business. It offers access to an international network of knowledge, which complements local identity and expertise.

Customer Benefit

While every Indis member is an expert in a particular field and market, the strengths of the association are truly immense. Indis Group cumulatively represent a large reservoir of knowledge related to chemical markets, manufacturers, and products.